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Master Certified Negotiation Expert

Earning your MCNE Designation gives you a significant tool for marketing to buyers and sellers and the actual skills to better represent them. It’s ONE Designation you really NEED to have to take your real estate career to the next level! Click below for details…
Here is a complete listing of courses offered by Pili.
Designations: MCNE, ABR, SRES, CIPS

In addition, Pili teaches many market relevant courses designed to enhance the skills of practitioners in today’s marketplace
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Designation Courses:
  • MCNE - Master Negotiation Designation
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    Master Certified Negotiation Expert

    The Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE®) Designation is awarded to students who successfully complete ANY ONE of the three CNE 1, CNE 2, CNE 3 courses in any order and in any state

    CNE-1 Core Concept
    Negotiation Styles, Psychology, Persuasion & Methodology (2 days)

    CNE-2 Buyer Suite
    Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Buyer’s Agents (1 day)
    Mastering Email Negotiations in Real Estate (1 day)

    CNE-3 Seller Suite
    Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Listing Agents (1 day)
    Negotiating Across Generations in Real Estate (3 hours)
    Cultural Factors in Real Estate Negotiations (3 hours)

    The MCNE® designation is awarded to students who successfully complete ALL THREE of the CNE 1, CNE 2, and CNE 3 courses in any order and in any state.

    The CNE® and MCNE® designations will be clear evidence to your clients that you are the best trained agent to help meet their needs. The results you achieve on behalf of your clients will be far above average compared to agents without this training.

  • ABR - Accredited Buyer Representative Designation
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    Accredited Buyer Representative

    Most agents practice “agency light,” only talking about agency because they have to by law. When an agent understands the benefits of the duties required for the client, an agent can differentiate himself and deliver superior service. The 2 day designation class also covers dialogs to use, the format for the presentation of a buyer agency agreement, negotiation and marketing. Re-invigorate your real estate practice with what you learn in this powerful class. (An elective is required to get the ABR designation.)

  • SRES - Senior Real Estate Specialist
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    Senior Real Estate Specialist

    This 2 day designation class takes a holistic approach to the 55+ age clients and the issues they face.

    From selling a family home stuffed with a lifetime of accumulated possessions to smart ways to convert investment property into a home for retirement to the range of choices in retirement living—the material in covers the landscape. Where possible, we use some local experts to highlight insurance, tax and mortgage issues especially important in this age group. Help your clients—and your family—positions themselves for the choices ahead. (This class is also an elective for the ABR designation.

  • CIPS - Certified International Property Specialist
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    Certified International Property Specialist

    The CIPS Institute is comprised of 2 one day classes (either Transaction Tools, Doing Business in the US, and Local Markets) and 3 one day classes, one each on the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. In this global atmosphere in which we live, you might encounter an international client moving into your town or one who already lives there. This eye-opening material will reveal cultural issues that you need to know to deal with international clients.

Specialty Courses:
  • Principled Negotiation
    Time: Half or Full Day

    Effective negotiation skills begin with a knowledge of self. Assess your style, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses and your risk tolerance. Then work on understanding what underlies the negotiating position of your clients and your colleagues. This is a day about building your skill sets by looking at different strategies and gambits in order to better represent your clients.

    There is a section in this class on how to negotiate given the electronic tools we use.
  • Buyer Agency Agreement: Effective Use in Today’s Market
    Time: Half Day

    Real estate agents have a marvelous tool to use that will help them clarify expectations with a buyer, differentiate them from other agents, secure greater understanding, and establish limits. It’s called a Buyer Agency Agreement. Many agents are terrified of using one because they fear losing the buyer.

    Instead, they lose the buyer anyway to an Open House agent after having spent months with that buyer.

    This class delivers a proven method of presenting the agreement that will strengthen your business and result in happy buyers.
  • Market Reboot
    Time: Full Day

    Real estate marketing is changing; and the REALTORS® who play it safe can get left behind. Stand out and refresh your professional brand with this one-day ABR® elective course. In this course you will revisit branding and relationship marketing, and gain a working knowledge of electronic tools and tactics including Twitter, podcasts, blogs, social media and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Harness the Power
    Time: Full Day

    This class has the potential to show you how to make substantial changes in your life and business. Co-written by the Women’s Council of Realtors and the Pacific Institute, it rolls out a method of writing effective goals and achieving them. It develops a method for prioritization and evaluating your goals as well as creating higher quality communications leading to higher quality relationships. Discover the way your mind works and harness its power for your effectiveness.
  • List2Sell
    Time: Full Day

    How to List in Today’s Crazy World

    Walking through each step of the listing process, from prospecting to the preview to the CMA to the listing presentation to marketing to offer presentation to closing the transaction to post-transaction services, this class presents systematic processes that will take the guess work out for you and your clients
  • Forms, Function & Finesse: How to Write and Present Contracts
    Time: Full Day

    This is the art and science of real estate. The science is the form: it’s technical and legal and can either get you in or keep you out of a lot of trouble. The way you present the form is art. What you understand about people, the most common objections, the frequently asked questions and the way you run your business—all of this combines in presentation. The goal is clarity and understanding.
  • Why We Do This and Not That
    Time: Half Day

    Everyone is more successful when they have spent time figuring out what they want and why. Knowing that energizes your efforts and makes you intentional. This class also brings in information from NAR’s Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. When you know what your clients want and what is important to them, it’s easier to deliver the service they want.
  • Instructor Development Workshop
    Time: Two Days

    This course is prepares the participant to deliver information in an engaging manner whether it is for the client across the desk or a roomful of people. From outlining the information to development of an interactive program, the participant will walk away with a toolbox full of ideas and practical tools.
    And you will get to practice writing and presenting a segment of your material.
    This class fulfills the education requirement for the Washington Dept of Licensing to become a real estate instructor.